Why are tech companies sharia-complaint?

Yes definitely. More and more Muslims feel safe to invest their time and money into these halal companies with how popular some of them are becoming and reliable.

There was a whole period where Muslims were apprehensive of investing into companies because of how wishy washy some were and scholars weren’t really too clued on these things compared to now.

Another example of a tech company to be halal is Apple

Apple is considered to be halal as it meets shariah compliant criteria. For example, one criteria that is met would be their business activity. Another would be their interest bearing debt which had also met the criteria due to not exceeding the market cap.

However there are mixed perspectives on Apple being halal or haram, for instance Apple card has interest feeds and charged on debt which promotes Riba.

Really? Didn’t know that thanks

You would need to look into tech companies and their stock, ratio being within the limit and passing the financial ratios. That being said that tech companies are leading right now, Microsoft is another company that meets this criteria and is a shariah compliant company

Many scholars have reviewed these tech companies and confirmed that they are permissible

They were doing so well until here. We can’t expect them to be 100% halal since they are not a muslim company. Alas, we had fun. Android for life!

Is there a place we can go and read up on this, would be beneficial to read and have some backing in our reading. Please link us when you can. Jazakum allahu khairan