When should we start thinking of financing Hajj?

Hajj is an obligation that is dependent on our finances, when should we start to prepare for it?

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As soon as we start earning we should start putting aside a little each month for Hajj. Of course, we should seek to build our savings and investments, but our priority should be to go Hajj. As soon as we have the money for it, it becomes obligatory for us to go. So if we save for it alongside our investing and life savings we won’t have to lose out on our investments.

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I agree. I think one should immediately set aside a pot/account on Wahed as soon as they start earning called “Saving up for Hajj” and perhaps select one of the more conservative portfolios to begin depositing a fixed monthly amount into.

That said though, given the current looming recession and cost of living crisis, as well as the issues that have occurred with the new Saudi system, perhaps in the short term finances, people might not be able to afford saving much for Hajj.

That would be a real ideal but do you think this is realistic for anyone, given how low graduate salaries as compared to the cost of living (especially in cities like london where this was an issue even before the current inflationary hike)?

I agree. I wonder where saving for hajj would rank when people see their pay check? Any ideas?

Yeah I was going to suggest the moderately conservative portfolio, so the funds can grow alongside saving. Although, I would say along side setting up a pot. Perhaps, one should prioritise saving for Hajj, by that I mean larger deposits into the hajj fund, no pun intended.

The new system means it is some what pot luck if you get suggested. Perhaps what a person should do, once they have the funds for hajj, is transfer the funds into a more aggressive portfolio until they can use it.

Setting aside £50 a month isn’t difficult at all, perhaps a very aggressive portfolio would be better then. Since that would be a longer investment.

Does anyone know how much Hajj costs roughly right now?

what is this lottery system all about? Does it depend on previous attempts and is it costly even to put your name into the pot?

If a persons pay check is particularly low, then they should opt for general savings and if that figure hits the Hajj costs. Fulfill your obligation.

Hajj costs are roughly £6k

Wow that’s a lot. If one was to save £50 a month then that would take 10 years to make! And that’s not even accounting for inflation or the raising of prices!

Hajj is a blessing to even go, I have been very unfortunate to not be able to actually save any money for hajj, I wonder what are the conditions for hajj? What if I have no job and I am close to hajj money, should I secure a job first so I know when I come back, I can start working, do i save enough so that when I come back, I am earning enough to feed family for a month or so, what are the fine details? Any links?

My uncle went Hajj recently, its become a raffle ticket, say if one saves enough money to go on hajj, he isn’t guaranteed to go… Also, someone said its 6k to go hajj, I would like to see that package, or if they can break it down, because for me, I have only seen 9k+ and nothing lower than that, especially for someone like me who has never been, not even umrah! I would need a guide and someone to tell me what to do so I don’t miss out on the fard thing I am supposed to do!

I think your priority should be to first attain a job.

Also you need to consider that not only do you need to save enough to pay for Hajj but also save enough to cover your expenses and that of your dependents left behind as well. Until then it’s hard to imagine that you’re required to go


No cost to put anything on the list, but once you are called and you win the lottery, you have around 24 hours to send the money or your place is taken. It is quite cut throat, happened to my uncle, get visa and everything asap

Roughly, how much do you think would be, in our current climate, so money for hajj plus what amount of money so when you come back and carry on life? I heard it is minimum 3 paychecks

Is this hajj basically, a budget kind of hajj? or are they close to the haram and get all benefits and is in walking distance to the haram?