What to do with your cash during high inflation periods?

One simple way to invest independently is to use apps (such as etoro) but that requires a good amount of previous research before diving in.

It would be good to know where to do the necessary research. Is there a course? Is there a step-by-step guide? I am literally at zero knowledge of these things, I wish people could clarify what they mean when they say research and what resources they go to!

As a layman on this topic, I shall leave it up to the professionals at Wahed to invest my money, I am also unable to get enough time to research (whatever that means in the literal sense) what I need and what knowledge I need to make an informed decision.

My take from this forum so far is, that we need to invest in stocks and everything that will increase in value such as commodities.
Wahed is the best place to do this, they will do all the hardwork for you.

My only issue is, for some reason, I am still hesitant! I don’t know why.

Perhaps you should have a call with Wahed’s sales team. They have a lot of knowledge and experience, most of them are ex-JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs so they can answer a lot of your questions and worries.