What are good halal side hustles?

Drop shipping is also highly recommend as a side hustle

The other is podcasts. It’s popular at the moment and might be expensive to start off with all the equipment but Islamic related podcasts would be really popular right now.

Crypto currency we all know is very common and it is a quick way to make money. Crypto has high volume going on. Unlike banks, crypto offers great returns, it has huge potential and creates better rates for everyone.

Through social media engagement, the audience would seek advice or be interested to know more about the situations people are facing, the topics people would like to have addressed and so much more. This brings in recognition on one’s podcast and have people subscribe whether it is on Spotify or YouTube

:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: this is more of a risky investment than a side hustle imo

What is drop shipping? As in deliveries?

If you can identify a niche like that an app can fulfil then you can get someone to code it and it can become a passive revenue stream

A good side hustle nowadays is creating content online. You can be anyone, just doing it right, recording and editing it correctly, you can make millions. I recently saw a woman making 80k in one youtube video and that doesnt even take into consideration collaborations and partnerships. The best way to make good money is through social medias nowadays and it costs nothing!

Drop shipping I believe is selling products that isnt yours, but companies nowadays have contracts in place that does everything for you, you just need to set up your account. They say its not halal since you cannot sell what you dont owe, however, if you have a contract in place of you taking responsibility or making it known you dont own it, it becomes permissible.

I agree with this, although its overdone now, but its still working, have good content, speak about certain companies and they will come to you for collaborations and pay you a commission.

JazakAllahu Khayra bro for the explanation. I’m still not quite grasping it though

What are you selling that isn’t in your ownership ?

Can you give examples of platforms or companies that offer this?

Wa iyaakum.

yhh there are a lot of websites now, that have clothes or shoes or whatever you think is good to buy e.g watches… you then contact this company, and they give you your username and a link. You then, edit how much you want to sell these items (you can pick what you want to sell) and then add it onto amazon, eBay, gumtree, Facebook, and all these other websites where you can add your stuff.

so, technically the company has it, they are selling it for like £20 lets say, and you sell it for £40. you make £20 profit without having to lift a finger. there is automation where your stock is connected and so you will never have to do anything, just have a link and sell it.

basically, drop shipping, the company uses you to advertise for them, but you decide how much money you make. it is quite smart!

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if you are a TikTok creator, you can sell other people’s stuff and get a commission for it. That is what people are doing and they are making thousands for one post. You have to be smart though, make sure you make videos where the algorithm doesnt know you are “selling” something, they generally dont get pushed much to the public. That and charities!

Interesting! I’m not clued on about the logistics so thanks

Giving Charity and Investing time and effort in building the community :slight_smile: This builds our hereafter and causes blessings to descend upon us, aiding our health and earnings. With blessings, we do more in less time, and our wealth stretches further!