What are good halal side hustles?

Creating a second revenue stream can make a huge difference to one’s investment opportunities and net worth. What are good halal side hustles?

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I found private tutoring to be a good side hustle

Also if you’re skilled in a particular skill, like programming in my case, you can pick up individual projects from clients

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Another idea I’ve heard to be quite successful is e-commerce on platforms like Amazon

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There’s so many opportunities out there right now for Muslims alhamdulillaahh. Creating your own business is one of the main side hustles at the moment.


There are a lot of platforms which offer small businesses to hire for small jobs such as: editing/grammar checking large documents, voiceover and editing videos, social media management and so many more.

That’s exactly it. A hobby can also be a good skill someone possesses. You can take advantage of that by making it a side income. I’ve seen alot of sisters on social media making money on the side by doing family/ wedding prints, pictures, canvases etc. I used to make digital Islamic art which was doing quite well for abit until I stopped due to motherhood.

You should of carried on, just lowered the number of order you accepted.

Another great idea for practising females particularly is videography/photography at events (weddings/occasions). Great if you want privacy and want to be comfortable rather than having men take your pictures or not having a photographer/ the way you would’ve wanted pictures because of the lack of female photographers. Photography is a great skill to have. I personally love taking scenic pictures and have an eye for great shots but with the competition out there it’s quite daunting. But yes, there definitely is space for practising females to take pictures for practising females who follow all the modesty rulings etc.

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Lol I have another idea… if you’re good at art and have a generally good eye for fashion (just has to be decent) I think Islamic clothing business is quite a good venture. Designing your own abayas etc. At the moment theres a huge spike in buying and selling on TikTok where they do flash sales etc and promote their products. Abayas are so in right now for those who wear it full time or not (obviously, we hope and intend the best for our fellow sisters to dress according to Islam).

Not just abayas but modest clothing eg loose/ long winter wear or summer wear which can be worn with or without abaya. Not only do women look for modest clothing but the reward in providing modest clothing is great too.

Okay, my last idea lol. Food. If you’re a good cook and love your food, why not make some money out of it? I mean you can change your menu each week, different cuisines etc. Starting up might be starting in your own kitchen then moving to a hired kitchen (abit more expensive) and definitely risky but selling food, especially when everyone has their own twist to cooking is definitely a good idea. If I had more time and space, as a foodie, I would definitely take this route. Covid has definitely allowed many shops to move online. You can also promote your business more by holding stalls at food festivals/fairs.

Having your own baking business is a halal business. This has become very common and popular especially for women who desire a self employed business, something they are comfortable in pursuing from home. Also, baking businesses have been such a success that it’s led to opening up your own shop or a kitchen which I’ve been a lot of lately. Social media has supported this by giving recognition

Yes definitely. Loads of Muslim sisters are baking these days :cupcake: :cake: yumm

Abaya companies is also another halal business to consider. Again, this is another business I’ve seen to be successful and popular. Muslim women have been influenced and use their modest ideas/ inspiration to run a business. I for one have come across many abaya companies who have influenced me to purchase

It’s great to see sisters being encouraged to wear modest clothing! If the company promotes and models the clothing appropriately, I definitely think it’s great

Freelance work is one of the halal side hustles that take place and can be considered. For example, freelance make up artists or websites such as fiverr where you can rent your services out and people will pay you money for that

Yeah I think a popular one is called Fiver

Thobe’s for the brs equivalent

People have used social media to their advantage as platforms such as, TikTok and instagram which has had a positive and major affect on their businesses. Creators who sell canvases, personalised gifts, resin art and more have progressed to having their own website and collections as well as launching a store, such as Etsy. This makes a solid income.

Also starting a YouTube channel can be lucrative over time