Wahed app suggestions

Maybe these can be passed on to the Wahed internal teams who can use it as feedback

mAtA the Wahed app is quite stable and robust. One feedback that I would give that whilst perhaps not a core feature but still very useful is a dark mode theme - the app is awfully white. This would go a long way to bringing the Wahed app parity with pretty much most other apps. Android has had native dark mode support for over 3 years now and I believe iOS has for 2ish years

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Another suggestion would be to use a bottom navigation bar instead of a side navigation menu.

The latter is only really justified in apps that have a tonne of functionality. In this case

A lot of the above other apps consolidate into a smaller number.

There can be 3-4 settings in the bottom navigation:

  • Dashboard
  • Account details
  • Support
  • Settings

Referrals are already accessible in two other places on the dashboard

About and logout (and even support maybe) should/could be in the Settings - most other apps consolidate it in this way

Beginners could really benefit from an Education or Learn feature. Which could have simple tips and articles on how to use the app but also understanding the basics of investing, what intentions and expectations to have and Islamic reminders

I agree dark mode would be really cool, especially for purposes such as battery usage and impact. However, on iOS, they technically do have a dark mode, when you toggle with the sliding down from the top right and toggle the dark mode… so @Khalil maybe try that.

I would really like to see the Wahed calculator back, I can’t even find it on the website. That was what sold me in the beginning. If there is also such a thing on the app, that would be amazing.

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Agreed, this isn’t necessary unless if you have a lot of content on it, in most cases, I miss that icon while searching for it, I am way more used to a bottom navigation system as opposed to it sliding from the side.

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I already have the dark mode setting enabled on iOS. But each app needs to offer a dark mode. Wahed doesn’t so the app is always white

Some great suggestions from you both @MotaharMalik and @Khalil , We are looking at planning to implement dark mode and a new way to navigate on the app. however we cant comment on a timeline right now.

Please keep the suggestions coming, as we want to build features that the community want.


An issue I seem to have with the Wahed app is that for logging in via Face ID it doesn’t automatically begin scanning as soon as I open or switch to the app. Instead I have to manually click “Login with Face ID” and then it scans my face. I find this quite annoying and it’s different to how most other apps do it

I personally didn’t even know wahed had an app. Perhaps some more marketing could go into make it more common amongst people (I.e. through YouTube)

I will do it, it is very refreshing to see someone from the inside giving us feedback on our suggestions, I pray Allah rewards you all with abundant good and I pray we support the ummah as best as we can!

This is true, I didn’t know of the app until I met someone from Wahed, what are the fundings and spendings on marketing? Have you guys reached out to uni students? seems like the best time now.

I love dark mode. It’d be cool also if we could customize the app on the Home Screen too. For example, a dark mode version of that

It’d be good if we could see the performance of individual asset allocations, as opposed to the overall performance of your portfolio.

We should have the projections when we are setting up our pots that could better aid us on our initial investment and goals

yaaa, agreed! I would like to be able to see my own projections and even try and reach it quicker if needs be!

In general, I feel that the app needs a revamp. The app feels a little dated. When looking at the performance of our investments. I’d prefer a screen like the ones on Coinbase. As for the app in general i think it’d be nice to have something like Monzo where you swipe between pots and click on them for more information.

Also, perhaps an option for different asset allocation methods.

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The Coinbase app has a learning section. Perhaps it’d be good if there were different feature of the app that was explained in-app and/or different investment tactics we could use to maximise our investment

And more options for filtering time than just last 6 months and 1 year