Using master and visa cards that entail charges? Halal or not?

If card entails a charge for its service, is it halal to use these cards?

What kind of charge are we talking about? I haven’t come across such a charge before on any of my cards

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I think this refers to the fees that credit cards charge

In this case we re looking at whether credit cards are halal to use

Are you sure? Because credit cards would only charge a fee if one doesn’t pay off the credit in time which would amount to Riba? So I’m not sure that’s what is being referred to?

As I understand there’s two views on whether you can have a credit card or not

  1. Haram totally
  2. Halal as long as you pay it off before any Riba is involved

If we’re assuming that the fees in the question refer to interest then it would be Haram according to both views

Well, when you have overdrawn in your bank account the bank would then charge interest from what you have spent. This can be considered as haram

I think there’s a few different charges. I know there’s overdraft fees, credit card fees, transaction fees…

I also thought the same about no2. To my knowledge I think it’s ok as long as you’ve paid off the credit card before there’s additional charges

What’s interesting is, one of the main reasons why people get credit cards is to increase their credit score to get a mortgage/buy a house lol. Which would then direct us back to the convo about riba. If riba is prohibited and most buy with loans, what is the point of boosting your credit score? Why do we care so much? The higher the credit score, the more likely someone will lend you more money. It’s a never ending cycle of borrowing money.

What about transaction fees, is there any issue with them?

I would presume not- it would seems like any other broker taking a cut a the transaction

I think we discussed previously on a thread that it could be quite useful to have a good credit score (even for interest free financing your credit score is checked).

Wow this is a good argument. I’ve always felt this way but didn’t know how to articulate it. I strongly agree

I guess maybe credit score is important for those people who take the Fatwa that mortgages are allowed in necessity would care about their credit score?

I can’t imagine they’d be. It’s more like a service charge commission right. So that seems okay

Oh yes this is a good point though. Even Islamic banks or for example car leasing would be interested in your credit score because it’s an objective measurement of how likely you are to pay them back on time. So it’s useful in that sense I guess

The thing is, as long as you are paying it off it’s considered not an issue however if the interest is there It is still haram as Muslims should try avoid interest as much as possible

Some can say that a muslim is not allowed to sign up to a debit card contract that has prohibited clauses in it,

going back to what I said about trying to maintain or avoid interest, even if the person manages to avoid the interest directly, the sign up to a contract itself can be classed as prohibited

Yeh, some can argue signing up itself is disliked