Should Muslims be entrepreneurs or focus on careers?

As a small business owner myself, I do think where it’s very competitive out there, it would be very hard on solely focusing on being an successful entrepreneur against large companies without having a side job (your career). It can take years to become successful and I think it’s equally important to invest time building a career should things not go to plan.


Hi! I absolutely agree with you. I think it’s really important to focus on your career/progression. In the ideal world, every entrepreneur would be successful in their venture. However, sadly that’s not the case. It would be great if we had loads of Muslim business owners but I think it’s equally important for those who aren’t to have great careers in whatever sector they’re in.


I agree, I also feel like careers are kind of being bashed these days and it’s all about creating businesses and having side hustles. There is nothing wrong with a good old 9-5 stable income. Not all of us are entrepreneurial, some of us, like myself are made to just be labourers lol


Hello. Yes I believe so too. There are many businesses that fail before they are successful so I do think it’s good to build your career whatever job you’re in.

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Yep. There is nothing wrong in having a 9-5 as long as you’re happy and doing the best you can. Can even have a business and separate career on the side. Many people with small businesses do this


Hi, totally understand your perspective- most businesses do indeed fail. Having another job on the side is definitely a safe option. If one is able to maintain the two side by side it would seem like the best of both worlds. likely would mean that you don’t have much time for personal life though.

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In fact one of the things I didn’t realise is that a business itself is very stressful and it can definitely have a detrimental impact on one’s health- something many business owners have also told me

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I think this is a valid point, however, the flip side is if you don’t invest enough time into your business it’ll always be a side hustle.

Agreed, 9-5 is the backbone of this society and gives a person structure and discipline. Everyone who makes fun of the 9-5 life is quite immature, without the 9-5 workers, they wouldnt be where they are today. it is silly!

Allah grant you success in all your endeavors. I pray you also become a massive company!

I think it really depends on one personality and family situation.

Do you need the structure of a 9-5 and stable monthly income?

Do you thrive off working on your own projects?

Do you struggle to uphold your Deen in a workplace?

What is your vision for you and your family and what approach would help you achieve that vision?

Very true, very context dependent