Is there really a necessity for a mortgage?

This is very true, I’ve had landlords setting times they want to view the property and start opening cupboards as part of the inspection. I felt violated. Owning your own property grants security and stability that is essential.

Perhaps this could be a future topic, how to handle landlords. great idea @HassanTariq

This is a really valid point. Mortgages due to the interest attached to them ultimately drive up housing prices which inevitably raises the costs of rent. So from this perspective, whilst on a micro level it can be justified, at the Macro greater social and financial evils have been created.

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I remember watching a podcast with Sheikh Umer Suleman and Ustadha Fatimah Berkatollah where Sheikh mentioned a very important condition that is often forgotten about taking the fatwa that mortgage is allowed on your home.

He said that as part of the argument by Daroorah, one needs to ensure they only purchase a house then that is enough to fulfil their Daroorah. So that means that if a 2 bedroom will fulfil your needs right now you can’t just go for a 5 bedroom house for what might happen in the future.


One thing that I think is very important regardless of which side of the coin one sits on regarding permissibility is that it’s important to respect both sides of the view.

For too long I was guilty of looking negatively towards those who said it is permissible to take a mortgage with conditions. What I realised is that it’s easy to say that when you have the luxury of not having to worry about the problem but for someone trying to make ends meet it really opens doors.

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