Is cash back halal?

Some credit and debit cards offer cash back, is it permissible to use this offer?

I think if there’s no additional charges and late payments or debt etc it would be ok to get cash back

On debit cards cash back is like withdrawing money so it’s halal. I think credit cards should be ok in some situations

Can someone explain how cash back works pls

Also how is it different for credit and debit card?

Yes, I saw this video, only a minute

I will be summarising it in the next comment

it means, the card members earn back a % they spent on that card. typically there is a limit of how much cashback you can get. There is a whole reward cashback programme that differs from bank to bank… including statment credits and deposits or your everyday purchases… the caveat is that you must be making your card payments each month on time

hmmmm having said all this, can we really say… a gift, in cash, is a bad thing? If it is a reward based? Or am i oversimplifying it.

No that’s basically what it is lol

But then we go back to the whole interest topic. If you don’t pay on time, you pay interest

Motahar explained it quite well above. I think the only thing you have to be careful about with credit cards is paying it back on time. If not you’re paying interest

If it’s just about receiving money from the bank I don’t see why it would be an issue

For example, receiving an interest free loan shouldn’t be an issue in my opinion

However if you take the opinion that using money from banks is impermissible because you’re fueling the riba system, I think that’s a different argument

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It’s considered to be halal with both credit and debit card. With debit card you are paying for the money you want in cash back there and then.

With credit card it’s also fine but as long as you are paying off the money each month.

Are we talking exclusively about general cash back across the board via credit cards, or vendor specific cash back deals available through things like Topcashback and Quidco, or both?

If it’s the latter then I imagine it to be equivalent to a commission that a salesman would take for facilitating the sale which is unanimously allowed afaik

I don’t understand how it would work in the former case though. Because it’s almost like you’re being given money by the bank

Cash back is the creditor relieving your debt so therefore there’s nothing wrong in doing this islamically