If the Islamic banking system is not available in my country, what should I do?

Wahed does. They offer a gold portfolio. Says it on their website

Gold is definitely a good investment option. Example, people have been buying and reselling gold jewellery for years as and when the rate changes. But this form of gold is quite risky if you’re holding onto it at home with all the burglaries going on.

It’s true they do and it’s good as an investment but it’s nowhere near liquid enough to use as a bank for this like payments etc. (until the bank account is released)

That sounds amazing, would solve inflation but would also limit their capital for a period of time.

The simplest option would be to use a checking account for bills and store wealth in sharia-compliant assets

This is more of a western phenomenon, in Arab countries there banks which are properly functional Islamic banks. However the sad reality is we don’t have an Islamic economics and thus no bank is truly Islamic.