If the Islamic banking system is not available in my country, what should I do?

Unfortunately, not all countries have sharia-compliant banking, what can we do to keep our money halal?

I think it would depend on what type of activities are being intended. If it’s just the storing of wealth in an account then I can imagine one can just open an account in a normal bank and then opt out of receiving any interest

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This of course is if one doesn’t want to take the risk of safeguarding their own money :eyes:

Agreed, in this country, we don’t really have a fully functioning islamic banking system. I guess you could count banks such as al rayyan and such, but is it fully islamic, I have heard not. The money you have, you can use it as a place to keep safe in banks and just use it for whatever you intend on since everything is all online now.

The worst thing you can do, and maybe, raise some government eyebrows, is stacking loads of money in your house. Someone can steal that or they can frame you in money laundering and it becomes a massive hassle storing all that money if you make a lot. Lastly, unless if you are making money via cash in hand, most work places send money via bank transfers. So, even if there are no islamic banking systems, you will need to at least have an account to get paid. Can’t get away. If you have a credit card, then of course opt out of the interest payment too.

One thing you can do is, all the money you make, you can buy gold with it, so after all your spending such as rent and everything else, you buy gold with the extra money or savings, then store it in a public safe service where you pay monthly, and they can store your gold and it will be completely safe. These are methods, that if you don’t want banks, you can do this and get richer every year since the value of gold only goes up. There seems to be many methods besides just going with a normal bank. It really depends on you!

Yeah I agree. Even with a lot of these Islamic banks, they’re still connected to some extent to the Riba system. Though of course that’s still better than normal banks

I’m really looking forward to Wahed coming to save the day with the gold backed account

In brief I think one should try to avoid relying heavily on the banking system. For example one should not take huge amounts of debt

There are also alternatives in place if one is forced to borrow (i.e. interest free loans) which are within the remit of permissibility. However, avoiding the system where possible I’d think is preferable

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Definitely preferable. With the wahed bank being announced soon, I believe we should all jump into that band wagon. How lucky we are (blessed) to have an organisation who will make it halal for us INSHA ALLAH

Have you heard what China and Russia are doing. They are buying tons of gold, they are looking to change it back to the gold standard. Another one for us to definitely change it to wahed bank (if they work on gold)

I actually hadn’t heard this. Definitely likely to have significant repercussions for the future

I don’t know much about the wahed bank but I presume a lot of people will be vary to invest just because of the issues with the term Islamic bank in the past

Going back to the question, one could always place their money in Islamic banks abroad or request another entity to handle it abroad if it is a substantial amount

Do you have a source on this brother?

A lot of countries don’t have Islamic banking systems. I think one needs to be proactive in calculating/ being mindful of how much they actually own and how much is interest etc.

We can always move to a country that has Islamic banking lol

Does anyone know if there’s a way to use Islamic banking in another country? Can you open an account say for example in the UK and do day to day banking here while living abroad? Is it manageable? Or can you get someone else to do your banking for you? I’m not so clued on about finance/banking

Lol, but that’s not really a realistic option.