If a muslim has an interest bearing debt, what should they do?

That’s a good idea. There should definitely be more debt awareness going on in the Muslim community

I do think more people need to be aware of things like this. Sadly a lot of people don’t believe in their cause (several reasons- like people abroad are more needy) and therefore don’t promote it or fund it (NZF is a charity if you guys didn’t know already) and then you have people even within the organisation not promoting it too much because they already have too many applications to deal with and not enough funding

As someone who has gone through the NZF, | highly recommend it. The process can be very quick if you respond quickly enough, and they will offer a meeting to discuss your situation and a personal statement for those who cant articulate verbally but can in written form.

I have heard their funding has increased, at least for the those who wish to be students of knowledge in islamic organisations. So I would say, if they don’t advertise as much, they definitely are getting more and more known alhamdulillah

Haha can you please explain to me how I can become rich first! :joy: then I’m all aboard

To extend this with a prophetic Dua’a:

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) said, “Recite the following prayer every morning and evening:
اللهم إني أعوذ بك من الهم والحزن وأعوذ بك من العجز والكسل وأعوذ بك من الجبن والبخل وأعوذ بك من غلبة الدين وقهر الرجال.
“I seek Your protection against worry and grief, from incapacity and laziness, from cowardice and selfishness, from overwhelming indebtedness and the subjugation of people.”

Is Zakah money allowed to be used for the repayment of Haram debt? Do the scholars differ on this?

Oh that’s great alhamdulillah

Yes you can. When zakat money is given to the recipient, it’s upto them what they do with it. As long as they meet the eligibility, how they use that charity is up to them. I’m not aware if the scholars differ…

السلام عليكم

SubhanAllah. I feel that I have been living in a bubble. First not aware that student loans are permissible and now about National Zakat Foundation. Thank you for informing us. I have a couple of friends who are in debt and struggling to pay them off. I will most definitely inform and refer them to this organisation.

Wa ‘alaykum assalaam. Welcome to the community. You’re more than welcome. Hope it can come to their aid

According to some scholars such as shaykh ibn uthaymeen yes we can, but only if they sincerely repent. Otherwise we’ll be financing something haram and they’ll get into interest again