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Salaam All,

You can access the webinar for Econommi here. Econommi is heading the transitioning of the world from a debt-based borrowing system to an asset-backed tokenised leasing. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss! Calendly - Ali Ahmed

Topic: Econommi - Investor Webinar
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How do I invest in Econommi and is there a minimum?

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Sounds like a great deal!

Look forward to seeing more great deals!

I think the minimum is £1,000 alhamdulillah

Only a £1,000 minimum investment.

Check out this link to invest: Sign in | Maydan

If I don’t have £1k to invest, can me and my friend put in £500 each? @Demi

The minimum investment is £1,000. Each individual investment must meet the minimum investment amount.