Do Islamic banks simply change labels of ‘interests’ to ‘profits’?

Here is a video I remember watching which made me skeptical of the concept of Islamic banks

You can see the Islamic bank representative was struggling on the same point regarding the interest involvement

Jazaki Allahu Khayra this is exceptionally well explained!

I wanted to ask, by liable for damage do you mean damages to the property? What’s the extent of these damages I.e. what does it include and what don’t it?

Also would bills be included in this such as repairs etc

No way, they actually got people to explain it, I will watch this insha allah, jazakum allahu khairan

Another question would be if the person has 20% of the shares and the bank has 80% shares, does the man pay 20% of the costs of damages or any risk and the bank 80% or does the person buys the whole thing?