Can you invest in halal businesses with borrowed money from the bank?

A person may feel uncomfortable in receiving the money, however the acquisition is not acrually haram.

Unless the person is aware of the money in their possession to be haram

Ah I see that makes sense. I think I was confusing it with the infamous example of inheriting a “wine cellar” in Fiqh (and the cool Hanafi view on the matter).

Though I understand that wine is intrinsically Haram unlike money as you’ve made clear in your message

Riba based wealth needs to cleansed (donated etc). Investing Riba based wealth will only multiply the sin. Let’s remember the one who does Riba wages war with Allah.

I agree. I guess the question boils down to what an individuals priorities are. If Islam is a priority then we’ll avoid Riba as much as possible. Although logically it may seem that interest will generate more wealth, Islamically there is no barakah in that money. It’ll go as quick as it came.

It’s strange how Allah generates your wealth when you have Tawakul in him and stay within halal non-riba means.

I agree, it doesn’t seem logical to think that handling such money is haram but that investing it is halal

normal wealth (I.e. non riba wealth) is cleansed through zakat because of the uncertainty, what is to say then about ribs based wealth

Not a fan of riba based wealth, if you check our previous comment, we showed how there is literally no barakah in it.

One point that some may be considering is whether riba based wealth can be spent on charity and from my understanding this is permissible (although no reward is received from it)

However, I believe riba based wealth CANNOT be used for zakat

I’m not totally sure about the following but I would think riba based wealth also cannot be used in acts such as buying a Quran or building a mosque, etc.